Did you know that couples counseling has been proven to be 75% effective?

If your family is currently experiencing a crisis, family therapy is often the first step on the journey to healing. However, it’s more than a little intimidating if you’ve never attended a session before; doubly so if you’ve never attended therapy at all.

Rest assured, you have nothing to worry about, as we’re going to walk you through it. Below you’ll find a quick guide on what to expect from your first family therapy session, so make sure to keep reading.

Your First Conversation With Your Theapist

Before your family therapy session can begin, your therapist will take a few moments to have a detailed convesation with you. They will ask about important details about your family, including your reason for visiting, which family members will participate, and how you’ll pay for your sessions. You will know before the session what the price will be.

When choosing a counselor feel free to ask questions about them. Ask about their background,  any special qualifications they may have, as well as how long they’ve practiced.

It is common for a family counselor to meet with family members alone before working with you as a family group.  This gives them more information about each individuals peception.

Discussion About Your Family’s Concerns

Your therapist will help you have safe conversations about your families concerns in a way that minimizes discomfort and stress.  Discomfort is okay and a normal part of the process. Also, don’t hesitate to take a break if you need one. Your therapist will understand.

During this part of the session, you may be asked to answer questions about the issue, such as how long it has impacted your family and how the concern came to be in the first place.

Expectations and Boundary-Setting

One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding therapy in general is that it’s a passive experience. On the contrary, you get exactly what you put into it, which is why specialists like to set some family therapy expectations during the initial meeting.

Most of these rules are common courtesies. It’s important that you’re open and honest with your family therapy expert, but please remain respectful by watching your words and allowing other family members to speak without interruption.

Next, it’s your turn to let your therapist know what you want to get out of therapy. That’s not always an easy question to answer, so be sure to think about it before your session.

What to Expect From Your First Family Therapy Session

That’s all there is to it. Your first family therapy session is structured and formal, but extremely important all the same.

By providing your therapist with honest answers and allowing them to get to know your family, you’re doing your part to bring your family closer together.

It’s worth noting that results may take time to see. But if you’re patient and willing to engage in some tough emotional labor, you can expect a transformative experience.

To schedule an appointment for family therapy, be sure to get in touch today for a free consultation.