Can you believe that around 25% of married couples go through infidelity at least once? Although regaining trust after a partner has cheated can seem impossible, couples shouldn’t throw in the towel right away. If there’s still love there, then an affair has the potential to make your marriage even stronger.

Have you experienced infidelity and you’re passionate about saving the marriage? Keep reading for the top steps you can take for affair recovery.

Set Boundaries After an Affair

Losing trust is a common thing that happens after an affair and it can take years to get back to feeling completely secure. One thing both of you need to do is discuss boundaries that will help you feel safe.

Cutting off contact with the person who participated in the affair is most important, but there are other actions that can go a long way toward nurturing your partner.

Always Be Honest With Each Other

Many relationship problems stem from poor communication. It’s time to bare your heart and let everything out in the open.

Lying is always a recipe for disaster because getting caught will wreak more havoc on trust levels.

Don’t Neglect Self-Care

Admitting that you’ve betrayed your partner or receiving this news is devastating. Make sure that your needs remain a priority and you set aside time for self-care.

Staying active, getting enough sleep, eating nourishing foods, and leaning on your support network are great places to start.

Remind Yourself to Be Empathetic

Cheaters can get frustrated by spouses who can’t seem to move on while betrayed partners can harbor anger and resentment.

If you cheated, then you have to be patient and give your partner all of the reassurance they need to know that you still love them. If your partner cheated on you, then think before you speak and find healthy outlets for negative emotions.

Keep Your Conversations Productive

Partners have to find that tricky balance between hiding information and sharing without purpose. Before you question your partner or share details, ask yourself if this can strengthen the relationship or only torture your spouse.

Every person has their own tolerances and preferences, so make sure you both discuss what you need to feel connected to each other.

Get Professional Help With Affair Recovery

One of the best ways to heal after an affair is to book an appointment with a compassionate and experienced therapist.

Going to therapy provides both partners with a safe space where it’s easier to talk through marital issues. Not only will you experience breakthroughs during each session, but your therapist will also give you tools to continue improving your marriage at home.

Having an Affair Doesn’t Mean Your Marriage Is Over

There’s a common misconception that cheating is the catalyst for divorce. If you and your spouse can follow these steps on affair recovery, then there’s hope for a healthy and happy lifetime partnership.

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