Currently, there are over 750,000 divorces in the U.S. per year. One way to prevent your marriage from becoming a part of this statistic is to go to couples therapy. 

However, you may find that couples therapy isn’t for you. If this is the case, you may find that individual therapy is a better way to save your relationship.

How do you know when individual therapy is a better option than couples therapy? Read on for five situations.

1. Your Partner Hates Going to Therapy

In many cases, your spouse may have a negative view of therapy.  Perhaps they think that it will affect their reputation negatively. Or maybe a friend or family member had a negative experience with therapy. 

If this is the case, don’t despair. Many benefits of individual therapy can help you make your relationship better.

2. You Want to Better Your Mental Health

Therapy doesn’t need to have only one goal. If your relationship is failing and you’re struggling with a mental illness, therapy can help you with both. 

In fact, your poor mental health state may be one of the reasons you’re struggling in your relationship. Mental health counseling, then, maybe what betters your relationship. 

3. You Feel Embarrassed to Reveal Things to Your Spouse 

While communication is essential, many issues can be challenging to bring up with your spouse. It may not be the best idea to suddenly blurt your concerns or worries out in front of your spouse. 

Individual therapy can help you strategize how to best bring up a delicate topic with your significant other. 

4. You Have More Time Than Your Spouse 

Sometimes, your schedules may not align well, even if your spouse wants therapy. If that is the case, going to individual therapy can still benefit both of you.

You can share some techniques you learn during therapy with your spouse. If not, you can at least learn skills to help you better communicate with your partner. 

5. Your Spouse Wants to Take a Step You’re Not Ready For

Sometimes a relationship can become rocky when your spouse wants something you don’t feel you can do. An example of this would be having a child.

Individual therapy sessions can help you decide if you want to take this step without having your partner there to pressure you. You can also gain the skills to handle the new stage in your life—if you wish. 

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Despite the common belief, couples therapy isn’t the only therapy that can help solve a marriage crisis. Individual therapy can be the better and more successful option in many cases. 

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